New products of the week 03.30.2015

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Zenoss and Keynote Systems.

New products of the week

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

033015potw flexiant
Flexiant Concerto

Pricing: Until March 31, 2015, pay $15 a month to deploy and manage 10 concurrent virtual machines (VMs) in any supported cloud. For $65 a month, deploy and manage 50 concurrent VMs. 

Key features – allows DevOps to build, deploy, configure, run, publish, monitor, load balance and auto-scale applications straight in the cloud or multiple clouds of their choice, without relying on the cloud provider’s specifics. More info.

033015potw atlassian
JIRA Service Desk

Cloud Pricing: $10/month for 1-3 agents; $25 per agent per month for 4+ agents; 100+ agents pay a flat fee of $45k a year.

Key features: JIRA Service Desk is new Service Management software that employees actually like to use. With powerful ticket management, intuitive self-service, SLAs, and more, JIRA Service Desk delivers an effortless service experience. More info.

033015potw keynote
Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence

Key features: Keynote Digital Performance Intelligence is a cloud-based analytics suite that provides real-time intelligence to manage the performance of digital assets that impact customer experiences across web and mobile channels. More info.

033015potw intralinks
Intralinks Dealmanager

Key features:
•               Structured and improved control over the M&A process, particularly for buy-side transactions
•               Enhanced transparency and insight into the deal pipeline
•               Greater productivity and visibility with a single, central repository for all deal data
•               Ability to quickly generate reports on deal progress and activity

033015potw metanatunix
Metanautix Personal Quest

Key features: allows individual users to easily analyze data from disparate silos regardless of format, shape and location using preferred tools like Tableau and standard SQL, for free. More info.

033015potw nopsec
NopSec Unified VRM 3.4.7

Key features:  NopSec Unified VRM is a cloud-based solution that allows organizations to identify, prioritize and report on IT vulnerabilities from a single platform. Leveraging machine learning and threat intelligence, NopSec Unified VRM turns vulnerability scan data into actionable information. More info.

033015potw perfecto

Key features: LocalLink provides a real hybrid cloud lab solution and creates a fully flexible Continuous Quality Lab by enabling developers to easily connect on-prem devices and add them to hosted labs. More info.

033015potw puppetlabs
Puppet Enterprise 3.8

Key features: Cutting edge developments to the most widely used IT automation platform–an all-new Puppet App and provisioning capabilities for Docker containers, AWS infrastructure and bare metal servers. More info.

033015potw singlehop
Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Key features: SingleHop's DRaaS replicates data from any virtualized environment to an ultra-redundant hosted private cloud, ensuring applications and critical systems will be available at all times to preserve business continuity. More info.

033015potw talon

Key features: MobileFAST addresses the specific challenge of providing remote users secure access to privately managed file sets in distributed enterprise environments, across all platforms, regardless of private or cloud-based datacenter infrastructure. More info.

033015potw wti
Compact Remote Reboot/Power Switch

Key features: A space saving remote power/reboot switch designed for crowded equipment enclosures. Add an out-of-band reboot and power control solution without sacrificing valuable rack space. Includes monitoring, alarm and logging functions. More info.

033015potw zenoss
Zenoss 5

Key features: Zenoss 5 delivers high-fidelity monitoring at scale that gives IT operations a unified, service-centric view of application infrastructure and the intelligence required to quickly and cost-effectively avoid service disruptions. More info.

033015potw barracuda
Barracuda Mobile Device Manager

Key features – Barracuda MDM simplifies management of Android and iOS devices, enabling organizations to implement BYOD policies. It can be managed through a centralized console integrated into the Barracuda Cloud Control portal. More info.