Why HBO partnered with Apple for HBO Now


During Apple's most recent special event, the company announced that HBO Now, a new HBO service which doesn't require a cable TV subscription, would premiere on Apple TV.

In the days that followed, it was discovered that HBO Now will be an Apple TV exclusive for three months, after which the service will be opened up to other media platforms. Still, with HBO seemingly not needing Apple to get a foothold in the living room, one has to wonder why and how Apple was able to secure a three-month exclusivity arrangement.

Addressing this very topic, HBO CEO Richard Plepler explained as much during a Tuesday interview with CNBC.

According to Plepler, it all boils down to targeting the platform where HBO fans are already congregating, which in this case just so happens to be Apple devices. Specifically, Plepler relayed that 60% of all HBO Go traffic originates from either iOS devices, Macs, or the Apple TV.

"They're obviously an extraordinary company with a wide range of devices," Plepler said, "and those devices are proliferating throughout the consumer base. But also, as we look at HBO GO, which is our streaming service tethered to distributors, we saw about 60% usage on Apple devices so it made perfect sense for us to work with Apple introducing HBO Now."

All of this arguably bodes well for Apple's rumored TV streaming service insofar as the popularity of HBO Go on Apple devices may underscore that Apple users may be more inclined than most to consume digital content.

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