Juniper, VMware ride into OpenDaylight sunset

Downgrade participation in the open source SDN project citing roles in other organizations

Juniper Networks and VMware have downgraded their participation in the OpenDaylight Project, an effort develop an open source SDN framework. Both are now Silver members with much lower financial and personnel commitments.

Juniper was a founding, top tier Platinum member, committing $500,000 and 10 staffers to the project. VMware was a Gold member, committing $250,000 and three engineers.

As Silver members, both companies contribute $20,000 and no engineers.

Juniper was always noncommittal on OpenDaylight after expressing a desire to have the industry coalesce around an open source SDN controller. Juniper acquired its own SDN controller, open sourced it and then dismissed the work being performed within OpenDaylight before submitting a plugin to the project that links to its own controller.

Here’s Juniper’s statement on its reduced role within OpenDaylight:

Juniper is a Silver member of the OpenDaylight Foundation. We are committed to the premise that an open source ecosystem focused on interoperability provides a great avenue for innovation in the industry. We are involved in many open-technology organizations and standards bodies and participate in not only ODL but also organizations such as OPNFV, ONF, as well as our efforts in OpenContrail. We continuously evaluate where we can have the biggest impact for our customers as well as where we believe the need is for the marketplace. This enables us to best allocate Juniper's contributions to these organizations while still addressing the unique network architecture requirements of our customers.

VMware’s chief contribution was Neela Jacques, a product marketing and strategy official who became OpenDaylight’s executive director a year-and-a-half ago. Jacques says VMware also assisted OpenDaylight with Open vSwitch and Open vSwitch Database protocol insight.

Says VMware on its 92% reduction in financial backing of the project:

VMware is a participant in numerous industry organizations and projects. VMware continues to be committed to community-led projects, including OpenDaylight, of which we are a silver member.

At last glance, however, VMware did not show up at all on OpenDaylight’s member roster.

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