How the Apple Watch is like Google Glass

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Credit: Apple

The Verge has a terrific “day in the life” review of the Apple watch today, written by editor-in-chief Nilay Patel, that puts the device through its paces morning, noon and night.

It’s a lengthy read and I thought one of its most telling points, near the end, was worth noting here:

After the gym, I head to Betony for drinks with Eater managing editor Sonia Chopra so we can talk about a future of food series for later in the year. So far I’ve mostly used the Watch either alone or in an office environment, but it’s really different to have a smartwatch in a bar: here, even small distractions make you seem like a jerk. Sonia’s trying to describe the project to me and find ways to work together, but I keep glancing at my wrist to see extremely unimportant emails fly by.

It turns out that checking your Watch over and over again is a gesture that carries a lot of cultural weight. Eventually, Sonia asks me if I need to be somewhere else. We’re both embarrassed, and I’ve mostly just ignored everyone. This is a little too much future all at once.

He could have told her he was reviewing the Watch; as a fellow editor I’m sure she would have understood. But it’s an excuse few can use … and even they can use it only once.

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