What in the world is Bruce Schneier talking about?


Security expert Bruce Schneier

Credit: Tim Greene

Can you read the cryptic message he included in an autograph?


I had a meeting last week with Bruce Schneier, the security expert, book author, blogger, fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and the CTO of Resilient Systems.

We were talking about the company, which helps businesses respond quickly after they’ve suffered network attacks, and afterward he autographed a copy of his new book for me. It’s called Data and Goliath and is about the data-gathering that goes on routinely about all of us and what uses it has been put to already and what uses it might be put to in the future.

Below is an image of the inscription he wrote, which includes a little puzzle that took me far longer to figure out than it should have.

How long will it take you? (Click here for hints.)

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