HTC 'working closely' with Microsoft on a Windows 10 smartphone

An HTC executive confirmed that the company is working on a new Windows 10 smartphone. Will it abandon this one too?

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The Microsoft and HTC love/hate relationship seems to be swinging back to the love side of the spectrum, as the Chinese handset maker said it plans to offer a new phone on its latest hardware running Windows Phone 10.

At the launch of the HTC One M9+ in India this week, an HTC executive was asked if a Windows version of the handset might be on the way. Chia-Lin Chang, the company's chief financial officer and president of global sales (there's something you don't see every day, one person handling finance and sales), would neither confirm nor deny whether HTC would eventually release a One M9+ for Windows, but he did say that the company is "working closely" with Microsoft on a Windows 10 device, according to the WP phone enthusiast site Windows Central.

“We'll see how the new version of the Windows operating system shapes up and where it fits in the HTC lineup,” he added.

HTC has already released a WP 8.1 version of its celebrated HTC One M8, and the company has recently said that phone will be upgradeable to Windows 10.

The issue is that HTC has a habit of releasing Windows Phones and then abandoning them, providing no real sales or marketing push. The company goes silent for a few months, then comes out with a new device. So if it does an M9+ for WP10, hopefully it will put some push behind it.

HTC won't be the only major Chinese OEM selling WP10 phones. Microsoft has confirmed that Lenovo will offer its first WP phone ever, running Phone 10, when the new OS ships this summer.

Separately, Microsoft has released General Distribution Release 2, or GDR2 for Windows Phone 8.1. This is a very modest update to the phone OS. It only has a few new features, the most notable being support for Bluetooth keyboards. It was supposed to be released late last year, but it's only coming to market on a handful of devices now.

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