Ben and Jerry's spoofs Apple's '1984' ad in new BRRR-ito commercial

Ahead of a new Ben and Jerry's ice cream burrito, Ben and Jerry's released an incredible new spoof of Apple's iconic "1984" ad

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Credit: Apple

Largely considered one of the best TV commercials to ever hit the air, Apple's award-winning "1984" ad is ripe for parody, even in 2015.

Putting that thought into practice, Ben & Jerry's today rolled out a new commercial for its upcoming BRRR-ito product. As the name implies, think ice cream delightfully wrapped up in a waffle cone shell, a'la a standard burrito.

To help get the word out, Ben and Jerry's new commercial liberally borrows quite a few directorial cues from Apple's "1984" ad, resulting in an all around great and super creative advert.

Check it out below.

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