Fostering Collaboration

Business collaboration tools can boost productivity and success when done correctly

Great things happen when team members collaborate to solve problems or work on new products and services together. According to a McKinsey report, The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies, when professionals embrace collaboration it can improve productivity by as much as 25 percent.

Here are some key tips to keep in mind while working to foster collaboration in the workplace:

1) Empower collaborators with an easy-to-use online meeting platform

Organic collaboration doesn’t always come on its own and is even more challenging when a business has multiple offices or employees that must travel as a part of their job. Employees who do work from the same office every day often find themselves glued to their computer screens for 8 hours straight, working independently in an effort to complete as much of their workload as possible. In this type of environment, it is easy to see how creativity and collaboration can suffer.

This is why it is so important for organizations to set the stage and provide the best conferencing tools to foster and encourage teamwork, and provide the support needed to make the effort a success. Companies should do their research and compare different conferencing tools to make sure they select the best possible fit for their business needs. I recommend giving your employees access to a powerful online HD meeting platform. Make sure you select one that is easy for employees to use and self-manage in order to help your business realize its true potential. If it’s too difficult for individuals who are not IT experts to figure out, adoption will be low and your time will have been wasted. The best solutions can be completely managed by the employees themselves from an online portal like MyOfficeSuite®, which allows you to build your workflows and processes into the technology, not the other way around.

2) Deliver the best features the industry has to offer

There are so many options for online meeting and conferencing tools today, that it can be difficult to distinguish which one is the best. Look for an online HD meeting tool that allows team members to meet face-to-face in real time, while sharing screens and editing documents quickly and easily. The best ones will even let you have as many as 100 members participate at a time. This is useful in the event the President or CEO wants to address an entire office or department at once. Also be sure to look for solutions that provide presence and always-on access.

An HD meeting platform is able to provide a whole other level of cohesive communication that email just can’t match, so do your research and choose a solution that really delivers the powerful collaboration features you need to stay connected and productive

3) Make everything mobile

Communicating in person is great, but in today’s fast-paced always-on business environment, even if your business doesn’t have multiple offices, there are always people who need to work from home, while out of the office meeting with customers, and while traveling or on vacation. To ensure your employees are able to collaborate from anywhere, look for an HD meeting solution that delivers powerful features and one that is hosted in the cloud. This will ensure that your solution is easily accessible on any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. With the very best solutions, this also means that the HD meeting settings and employee preferences can be accessed and managed from anywhere via one centralized website or portal.

These meeting tools are not only useful for employees staying connected to one another, but they also provide a vehicle for more personally communicating with partners, customers and prospects. Providing superior and personal customer service gives your business an edge over competitors, who likely only rely on email as their main form of communication.

Collaboration activities can fail if team members always have to track others down, so it is vital to make collaboration available anytime, anywhere with the cloud. Not only can collaboration improve productivity, it can lead to cost reductions through improved information sharing and process coordination, the creation of new opportunities, as well as the ability to enjoy greater transparency and accountability.

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