Scalability matters

When considering cloud-based UC solutions, understanding how benefits like scalability apply to your organization can speed up the time to ROI.

Cloud computing has truly proven to be a disruptive force changing how organizations go about daily business. The business benefits are quite clear including new cost efficiencies, the ability to always leverage the latest technologies or software version as well as the agility to move quickly.

While cost and maintenance-free upgrades get a lot of attention, I see as much benefit in scalability. After all, it’s scalability that affords organization the ability to continue functioning well and meeting user needs regardless of the organization’s current size. This type of agility can play a crucial role when a business operates within a fluctuating market.

Most think of scalability as the need to ramp up to accommodate project demands or organizational growth, but it works both ways especially when it’s a cloud-based UC deployment. After all, adding or removing employees can be a nightmare for traditional SIP based systems.

Take for example the many resorts within my hometown that primarily cater to tourist whims. It’s not uncommon for these firms to triple their employment ranks during the summer months. In some instances this requires adding hundreds of employees into the fold with new phone extensions.

This may seem like overkill knowing these workers will essentially disappear within three months. However, these organizations take pride in offering personal attention to every guest and customers have come to expect personal and uninterrupted access to service representatives, making the process a necessity.

This is where scalability -- especially in a completely cloud based environment like Broadview’s MyOfficeSuite portal-- can make a huge difference. Adding or even removing an employee from the system just takes a few keystrokes rather than going through the process of physically programming handsets.   

However, it’s not just tourist centric organizations that value scalability. The same is often true for any project-based business including many manufacturing, construction and engineering firms. The benefits cloud-based scalability can offer these firms are a little more comprehensive.

For instance, there is a large multimillion-dollar hospital construction project going on in my area right now. Imagine the value of being able to bring all the subcontractors into the system with extensions that automatically route calls to their mobile phones. At the same time, when project team members have access they can leverage benefits like presence allowing them to immediately address issues with available experts.

This particular project is slated for completion in 2018. Over that course of time there will most likely be dozens of subcontractors who enter and exit the project. Whenever this many people from different organizations are involved, exceptional communication rapidly becomes a crucial component to sticking to a predetermined timeline.

In both instances, having scalability and the ability to manage everything centrally from one cloud UC portal like MyOfficeSuite, can prove instrumental in ensuring successful operating environments.

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