Writer rescues Verizon customer in distress

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A Virginia woman writes to Christopher Elliott, an author, journalist and consumer advocate who gets results:

Help! Verizon lost the cable boxes and remotes I returned to it via UPS after I moved out of my apartment. Now it’s trying to stick me with a $2,000 bill, even though UPS tracking showed it had been delivered, and even though the Verizon representative I spoke to agreed and updated my account to show that they had received the equipment.

Here’s the problem: I discarded the UPS tracking information after speaking with the Verizon rep in early December, never dreaming that it would come back to haunt me on my January bill.

The fact that UPS couldn’t help didn’t help. Long story short, Elliott called Verizon and got someone to track down the actual  returned equipment and remove the $2,000 charge from the woman’s bill.

He also advised all of us to keep those receipts for at least one billing cycle because, well, this is unlikely to be Verizon’s last screw-up.

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