The only Apple Watch review you really need to see: Kids have at it...

"Of course Apple made this..."

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Smartwatches, like the Apple Watch, are hurting sales of Swiss watches, as consumers seek watches that do more than simply tell time.

Credit: Susie Ochs

Tech pundits and Apple fanboys/fangirls have shared their views on the new Apple Watch in recent weeks, but The Fine Brothers bring you the only review you really need to see: A seven-and-a-half-minute YouTube videos in which kids have their say.

This is a twist on the usual Fine Brothers videos, as they usually try to stump today's youth with yesterday's technology, as they did here with Walkmans ("Video makers torture kids with unexplained Walkmans"). 

One kid says he's speechless upon identifying the Apple Watch, but the rest are certainly not....

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