UC Deployment Offers Unprecedented Control and Visibility

The Empowerment of End Users

There is something to be said about having complete control over your business’ communications. Few unified communications (UC) solutions today empower users with the ability to manage every aspect of their system like Broadview’s OfficeSuite® Phone.

It all boils down to how the system is configured. When the system is 100 percent cloud-based, meaning that the settings and preferences are tied to the individual’s login credentials, not the device itself, the end user’s functionality knows no bounds.

Part of that configuration comes down to how the system is administered. Many systems today are managed by some type of web-based customer portal, but few, if any, focus on the features that users need and how they need to leverage them like the new MyOfficeSuite™portal has managed to accomplish.

There are certain functions that make all the difference in how your business operates. Below are four functionalities that have been ground-breaking in the world of end user control.

Custom User Profiles Not every employee or user in your company will require the same functionality and access to communication services and features. For instance, your bookkeeper, receptionist and customer support reps all have unique roles, especially compared to those in management. Something truly unique that the MyOffficeSuite™ portal was able to capture is the ability to create unlimited, custom user profiles. While a standard administrator and user profile is provided, we have also included the ability to develop your own custom profiles by employee. These profiles could be as limited as just billing access for your bookkeeper and just voicemail for a support representative. Administrators can literally hand-pick which functions and features they deem appropriate for each employee and role within the company. This type of control is unparalleled in the industry.

Online Order Status

Placing an order for equipment or services online is no longer seen as a luxury for any business or consumer, but rather an expectation. Some UC systems today offer this functionality, but it often ends there. In the MyOfficeSuite™ portal, we have taken this a step further by providing customers with the unique ability to track the status of each of their orders. Whether a customer purchases more extensions, additional services or new equipment, the administrator of the account has the ability to view and track exactly where their order is in the process. This takes the guesswork out of timelines and whether or not their orders are in fact being worked on at all. This visibility is unlike any other we’ve seen from a UC customer portal.

Customizable Dashboards

The architecture and design of any customer portal is critical to the end user’s experience. The goal for every portal design is to provide an intuitive navigation and menu structure, making it as easy as possible for the end user. However, the MyOfficeSuite™ portal, has gone a layer deeper by creating a fully customizable user experience with their drag and drop widget-based architecture. The design is fully adaptable, offering end users the unique ability to create a custom view of their own features and services that best matches their work style, role or preferences. This enables the features and services that they use the most to be displayed in the most convenient manner for optimal productivity.

Trouble Tickets

Unfortunately, with any product, no matter how great it is, there will come a time where you will need some type of support or assistance. Having multiple options to report difficulties you are experiencing is key. By building the trouble ticket system into the MyOfficeSuite™ portal, customers now not only have the ability to report issues and open trouble tickets online, but they can also track the status of their ticket throughout the process. This dual functionality provides increased visibility into the user’s account, as well as a more accurate and convenient method for tracking when the issue itself will be resolved.

Having limitless control and visibility into your organization is a universal goal with any platform or solution. The centralized management of all communication services in a single platform that the MyOfficeSuite™ portal has achieved is a blessing in itself for users, but adding in the ability to have complete control over every aspect of the system has forever transformed the user experience. I look forward to seeing how user controls continue to evolve overtime and throughout the industry.  

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