This service sends experts to set up new tech products for free

New online retailer Enjoy promises to sell you technology and deliver it for free, along with a crackerjack hotshot who will help set the stuff up. I take a look.

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Credit: Microsoft

Here's a new way for consumers to go shopping: if you buy a product from Enjoy's website, the company will send a knowledgeable expert along with the purchase.

The idea is that the erudite pro helps set it up and show you how to use it.

The customer gets a free hour with the delivery-toting maven, who can explain how to setup and connect devices like Sonos music systems or Lenovo laptops.

Trendy Geek Squad?

Isn't this like Geek Squad, the Best Buy-affiliated in-home tech installation service?

Well it is, kind of, except that in addition to regular consumer technology like boring old Lenovo laptops as found in your average suburban Best Buy, Enjoy's sparkling website also sells a powered skateboard, pedal-assisted bike, and even the cutting-edge DJI Inspire 1 drone.

Enjoy's techs will help you set it all up. There are no washing machines to be found.

Product range

Best Buy does sell some of the same stuff—GoPro cameras, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, and Xbox One gaming console, for example—but in the Best Buy-owned Geek Squad's case, you've got to pay for the crack aficionado to perform the setup. Geek Squad charges $29.99 for a setup call-out, for example.


In-cart ticket prices on two items I compared at both websites, the Xbox One Console with Kinect and the i5 variant of the Surface Pro 3, were the same. Both vendors also offered free shipping.


Buying the product from Enjoy gets you a one-hour Enjoy Visit, which includes the delivery of the product and tech help. Delivery can be scheduled whenever you want, including evening times.

Assistance can include such things as downloading apps to get a smartphone up and running and teaching the user how to use certain features.

Enjoy Visits can also be arranged for existing-owned gear too. That costs $99, but doesn't include fixing broken stuff.

The company currently serves New York and San Francisco.

Apple retail influence

"What we are trying to do is quite hard," Enjoy founder Ron Johnson said in a USA Today interview with Marco della Cava. Johnson previously helped build out Apple retail stores.

"We have to deliver a product and a person in as few as four hours," he said in the interview.

Johnson said that you could pick out a new AT&T smartphone at 2:00 and get your hour with the trained authority by 6:00. So it clearly becomes a logistics exercise too.

Next Christmas?

Is it for us, readers? I think that it's highly unlikely that anyone reading this blog is going to want or need the services that Enjoy provides—part of the fun for us techies is buying the gear and getting it to work, or not.

But when you consider that Amazon sold 1,000 Xbox One and PlayStation 4 devices per minute in the lead up to Christmas 2013, according to The Verge, then if Enjoy's business model takes off in a big way, it might create unlimited and infinite employment opportunities for us buffs.

At the very least, ordering from Enjoy could mean we avoid the usual busman's holiday next Christmas.

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