iPhone 7 rumor rollup: Your brain on iPhone 7 and plastic survives

In amongst the usual Apple iPhone 7 rumors is noise about iPhone 6c rearing its plastic little head

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Given that Apple sold 61 million iPhones in its most recent quarter and that the iPhone 6 Plus now dominates the U.S. market for phablets with 5.5-inch screens or bigger, you might think Apple could coast for a spell, and that rumors of the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 would be overkill. But no, the rumor mills cranks along.

Your Brain on iPhone 7

upgrade iphone 7 film Noka Productions

Some people are really into the iPhone, and the filmmakers at Noka Productions think the iPhone 7 could literally be into you.

Check out the very short film “Upgrade,” which its creators describe as “a story of a young woman who is experiencing an embarrassing malfunction with her older model of the iPhone and is desperately seeking an upgrade.” 

iPhone 6c: Really?

Noka Productions

That cheap little plastic iPhone 5c introduced a year and a half ago has been assumed by many an Apple watcher to be the company’s last smartphone of that ilk. The criticisms have been well documented (See “The iPhone 5c is a mistake, a failure, a disaster, a flop, a dud”).

But the vacuum caused by the relative lack of juicy iPhone 7 rumors has apparently resulted in iPhone 6c scuttlebutt to make some headway. Macworld UK this week rounded up the iPhone 6c rumors, including that colorful new 4-inch models could be on the way from Apple later this year – not just 4.7- and 5.5-inch models as is the case with Apple’s current flagship line.

Among the clues that something’s up are rumors that “Apple has bought most of Sony's camera sensors for it, leaving the rest of the industry short,” Macworld UK reports.

An intriguing part of this report is that Apple might price the 6c lower than it did the 5c at launch, decidedly going after the low-end market. But low-end doesn’t necessarily mean the 6c won’t gain new features, possibly TouchID, so that Apple isn’t supporting a bunch of different feature types across its lines.

However, if other iPhone rumors pan out, there will still be quite a different look and feel between 6c and a 6S/6S Plus or iPhone 7. For example, the new full-blown iPhones might even be made with a super strong aluminum alloy called 7000 Series that’s used in the Apple Watch Sport, according to MacRumors, by way of Taiwan’s Economic Daily News.

Plastic indeed.

iPhone 7 rumors need to start somewhere

iPhone 7 design concepts are just that – the results of tech enthusiasts with an artistic bent blue-skying and sharing their ideas with the world. The latest, this iPhone 7 concept from the prolific concept designer Martin Hajek, via Computer Bild in Germany. Highlights include a glowing Apple logo, a non-protruding double camera and a home button/TouchID fingerprint sensor that is part of the touchscreen. Coming to an iPhone near you…?

Separately, Apple Insider spotted a new Apple patent for “Invisible Light Transmission Via a Display Assembly” that could result in smartphones that display information invisible to the human eye, but readable by machines such as barcode and QR code scanners. What’s more, it could beam “invisible light” that could help illuminate the user’s face for use with apps such as facial recogniation.

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