Not even an Apple Watch can save shirtless dad bod

apple watch guy
Bob Brown/NetworkWorld (One-Time Use)

Maybe I don't get out enough, but I haven't seen too many Apple Watches in the wild yet. The first 2 I saw belonged to fellow IDG Enterprise editors, who were wielding them at our recent offsite editorial meeting. Both gave "so far, so good" reviews to the devices. 

The third one I spotted in the wild was at a big concert in Boston this past weekend and the wearer made quite an impression on those in the vicinity. Aside from sunglasses, the only apparel he wore above his waist was the Apple Watch with blue wristband. He was the only shirtless guyI remember seeing at the event, which attracted a mainly college/20-something demographic that I sense this gent was not a member of.

If I didn't know any better, I'd suspect smartwatch seller Samsung planted him in the crowd to take the coolness factor of Apple Watch down just a smidgen. After all, Samsung has taken a cheeky approach to tweaking Apple's iPhone in past ads.

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