Final lesson for graduating seniors: Surveillance cameras really are everywhere

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Mike Mozart

Whether you are of a criminal mind or merely a teenage mischief maker out to prank your school as graduation day nears, there needs to be a greater recognition of this simple fact of modern life: Surveillance cameras more ubiquitous than public restrooms, park benches and water fountains combined (caution: that’s a totally made-up fact but you get the idea.)

Sometimes this is good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing, and sometimes it’s just a thing.  

From a story on PennLive:

A prank that included smearing petroleum jelly about a Snyder County high school will not prevent those responsible from attending Friday's commencement.

Midd-West School District Superintendent Richard Musselman Thursday afternoon told with the approximately 40 students involved they could attend commencement because he was satisfied they had learned the severity of what they had done early Wednesday.

He said he looked at it as an educational experience and noted there was no physical damage to the building or contents.

Besides smearing the jelly about, the students moved furniture, placed toilet paper in trees and wrote in soap on windows, "Class of 2015." Surveillance cameras caught the students in the act.

You’d think the kids would have anticipated the presence of the cameras, but, alas, they are teenagers.

On a note unrelated to surveillance technology: It’s so refreshing to see school officials react appropriately to what was in the end a harmless prank.

Hold that decision in contrast to the Mississippi school superintendent who filed criminal charges against four people because they had the audacity to disobey his request that graduation ceremony attendees hold their applause until all the names were read.

That superintendent’s final lesson for that graduating class: You are going to deal with ridiculously unreasonable, power-wielding people as you navigate your lives. Be prepared, but hope that you and your antagonist are within range of a surveillance camera when clashing because in those cases the camera will be your friend.

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