I knew it: Commissioner Gordon and EMC Chief Joe Tucci are twins after all!

TwinsOrNot.Net joe tucci emc batman commissioner gordon
Credit: Microsoft

I've suspected for years that EMC chief Joe Tucci and Neil Hamilton, who played Commissioner Gordon in the 1960s Batman TV series, were one in the same. And now, thanks to a Microsoft brainiac's website, I've been sort of vindicated.

Apparently, there's a 78% chance that the two are related.

The site, TwinsOrNot, uses Microsoft's newish Face Recognition API, which was introduced at Build 2015. TwinsOrNot is the machine learning-enabled creation of Microsoft employee Mat Velloso, who reportedly built it in 4 hours.

The same underlying technology was used by Microsoft for its age-guessing site.

TwinsOrNot.Net joe tucci emc batman commissioner gordon Microsoft
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