Will Docker be acquired?

CEO says he’s building the company “for the long haul”

ocp photo Docker open container project Solomon Hykes

Containers are all the rage right now with big vendors like Red Hat, EMC, Cisco, HP, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services all supporting them. And the biggest startup in that world is Docker. It begs the question: Will Docker be acquired?

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Docker CEO Ben Gollub shot down any talk of acquisitions when asked about it last week. “We’re really focused on building what could be one of the most significant projects and companies of this time,” he told me in advance of Dockercon kicking off this week in San Francisco.

Dockercon is expected to attract thousands of attendees and include important industry announcements, like container standards and the launch of many container-related startup companies.

Docker, the company (there’s also an open source project of the same name), is at the center of this budding industry. Gollub says he’s focused on building up the company, not on an exit plan. “Everything we’ve been doing, how we’re hiring, how we’re investing, how we’re acquiring companies, has shown that we’re working for the long haul,” he said. Gollub says the company is “far from” an initial public offering (IPO), and he didn’t even commit to doing that.

Rumors have swirled about Docker being acquired. Fortune Magazine’s website made the case that Microsoft could buy Docker, for example. InfoWorld’s Serdar Yegulap explains why that’s unlikely though. When asked if the company had fielded acquisition offers, Gollub said: “We can’t comment on that.”

As of now, it sounds like Docker is going at it alone. But with lots of friends and partners.

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