iPhone 6S to feature much faster download speeds, report says

Apple iPhone 6S rumors faster LTE chip

As a mid-cycle upgrade, the iPhone 6S won't see any drastic, if any, aesthetic changes compared to the iPhone 6. But under the hood, the iPhone 6S may very well provide a compelling upgrade proposition

According to a recent report from 9to5Mac, Apple's next-gen iPhone will feature a Qualcomm LTE chip that promises to deliver a drastic increase in download speeds at the device level. While real-world usage remains to be seen, the Qualcomm LTE chip Apple has its eyes set on can, in theory, deliver network speeds up to twice as fast as current LTE download speeds.

For end users, the most important new feature from the chip will be the potential for up to 300 Mbps download speeds, doubling the 150 Mbps download speeds found in the current generation iPhone lineup. The new chip has the same 50 Mbps upload speed limit, however, and real-world performance is likely to be closer to 225Mbps or lower, depending on the cellular network.

What makes this rumored chip all the more intriguing is that it will supposedly boast increased power efficiency as well. This should prove to be extremely valuable, as improved battery life, time and time again, appears to be the feature iPhone fans are most concerned with year after year. Speaking of which, 9to5Mac's report also relays that the iPhone 6S, thanks to a slightly more narrow motherboard, may actually feature a slightly larger battery.

As for other iPhone 6S rumors we've seen, Bloomberg recently confirmed that the iPhone 6S will feature a Force Touch display, the same feature Apple first introduced on the Apple Watch and later its revamped MacBook. Additionally, folks planning to upgrade can look forward to a more reliable Touch ID sensor, 2GB of RAM, and, last but not least, what promises to be a blazing fast A9 processor.

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