Why #PrimeDayFail was actually a success for Amazon

Amazon got lots of data on Prime Day

You likely heard about Amazon’s Prime Day last week, which was billed as a massive sale. Many consumers felt it was a total flop, with the hashtag #PrimeDayFail becoming perhaps the most memorable takeaway from it.

jeff bezos amazon fire phone1 Amazon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announcing the Fire phone.

But some data scientists say even if Amazon didn’t make big bucks on Prime Day, they did get something valuable: Lots of data.

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Prime Day certainly got a lot of buzz on social media, which led a lot of people to Amazon’s website to browse the deals. When they found jugs of lube and discounts on peanut better, many customers were disappointed.

Whether Prime Day was a success or not, every time a user logged on to Amazon.com, the company gets valuable data about what they’re looking at, what they searched for, how long they spent on the site and what other products they looked at. Even if they didn’t make a sale, they’re building up a valuable database of information on each one of its prime customers.

So while consumers may have called it #PrimeDayFail, Amazon’s got reason to be calling it a #Winning strategy.

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