Two tidbits about .406 Ventures

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The Boston Globe headline reads: “How .406 Ventures got its name, and its 406-prefix landlines.”

I didn’t need to read the story to know the first “how,” nor should any Boston Red Sox fan, at least any over the age of 50.

From that story:

If you couldn’t guess, .406 takes its name from Red Sox legend Ted Williams’s record-setting batting average in 1941, a tribute to the Splendid Splinter’s famously disciplined approach in the batter’s box.

That season was also, as true baseball fans know, the last in which any Major League player hit .400 or above.

Back to .406 Ventures.

Less well-known is how the firm got its hands on a bunch of 406-prefix phone numbers for its office lines. As it turns out, one of .406’s first investments was in Health Dialog Services Corp., a Boston-based seller of data analysis and patient communication services.

“Totally randomly, it happened to be their prefix,” says Liam Donohue, one of .406’s founders. Donohue struck a deal to buy a block of the numbers, and a branding coup that consultants can only dream of was complete.

Not anywhere near as cool as Ted Williams hitting .406, but there you go.

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