iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: Into another Galaxy; India up next?

iPhone 7 rumor rollup
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Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 rumors took a back seat this past week to Samsung and its latest Galaxy smartphones, complete with painful introduction event.

The reviews for Samsung’s latest, the 5.7-inch Note 5 and S6 Edge+ have been generally positive, though Apple no doubt regain center stage next month, when it is expected to unveil the 4.7-inch iPhone 6S and 5.5-inch 6S Plus.

Then again, what if the underwhelmly-named iPhone 6S and 6S Plus flop? One site, iDigitalTimes, suggests that could be enough to push Apple to speed up the introduction of a next set of flagship phones, namely the iPhone 7s. 

The need for a brand-new iPhone has fallen as used models and Android deals flood the market. Apple is slated to unveil the iPhone 6s, but if sales disappoint, then Apple may have incentive to release the iPhone 7 sooner. Time will tell if Apple buckles under the competition or continue its two year tradition of releasing new phone models. 

Something tells us that Apple won’t quite be hurtin’ after its September phones debut though. 

What do you C? 

The latest scuttlebutt regarding a third iPhone, a small and cheaper 6C model, seems to be that Apple will not go in that direction.

MacRumors reported that mobile app marketing platform Fiksu saw no sign of a 6C edition in its latest logs, which show which devices (including pre-production models) various apps are running on.

MacRumors goes on to say:

Rumors indicate that while Apple did initially consider launching a 4-inch iPhone 6c in 2015, those plans were scrapped due to concerns the device could cannibalize sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which Apple wants to offer as a lower-cost solution when the next-generation iPhones are released. Other rumors have suggested the iPhone 6c wasnever intended for 2015, with Apple perhaps planning to launch a smaller-screened phone in 2016. 

I, for one, am toying with giving up my iPhone 5, with some hesitation of moving to a larger phone. But I do want a better camera that even the iPhone 6 provides.

Sneak peek at the guts

MacManiak, an Apple parts and accessories reseller, reveals what it says is the frame for the iPhone 6S, which doesn’t look a lot different from that of the iPhone 6. It points out two main differences in the new model, including 2 flex connectors (one horizontal, one vertical) and a straight Touch ID cable (vs. a bent one in the iPhone 6). iPhoneHacks suggests the additional connector might indicate that Apple indeed will include its Force Touch technology in the new iPhones. 

Another parts leak involves the rear casing for the next iPhone, and according to Unbox Therapy indications are that the hardware is designed to safeguard against the device bending. It appears as though Apple is using a stronger and lighter aluminum, which is actually thicker in areas near buttons that could be susceptible to bending.

From China to India

As is widely known, iPhones are mainly cobbled together in China at Foxconn’s sometimes notorious factories. But word out of ValueWalk, citing the Financial Times, is that Foxconn is investing heavily in building factories in India. This might help Apple counter some of the wage inflation being seen in China, as well as enable Apple to boost its sales in India. Of course, iPhones are also made in the US to some degree, from the engineering elements to certain components.

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