Minecraft survives Year One under Microsoft

microsoft minecraft

Microsoft bought Minecraft a year ago today and everyone who loves the latter feared the former would ruin it because that’s how Microsoft rolls.

So how has it gone in reality? For the answer I decided to turn to one of the foremost Minecraft experts I know: my 14-year-old son, Grant.

Me: “Hey, Grant, what has happened to Minecraft since Microsoft bought it a year ago?”

Grant: “What do you mean?”

Me: “I mean has it gotten better, gotten worse or stayed about the same.”

Grant: “Stayed about the same.”

My work here is done.

For additional analysis that uses adults and more words, you can read this piece on Forbes and this one on Rock Paper Shotgun, both written after this summer’s Minecon.

Their conclusions: Stayed about the same.

(Update: And that also seems to be the general consensus today at the section of Reddit devoted to Minecraft.)

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