‘Is this sweet, sweet Google Fiber in the wild?’

091715blog sweet sweet google fiber2
Nick Owen via Twitter

The question -- ‘Is this sweet, sweet Google Fiber in the wild?’ – was posed on Twitter this morning by Nick Owen, CEO of WiKID Systems, an Atlanta-based purveyor of two-factor authentication products.

Owen doesn’t know if that is duct-tape-tipped Google Fiber cozying up to a traffic light post located a few miles from his home. But Atlanta is definitely one of the cities where Google is building out a fiber optic network, so he snapped the photo.

Here’s a fuller look at the picture for anyone who might know one way or the other.

091715blog google fiber full Nick Owen via Twitter

Google Fiber? Or not?

 Even without confirmation, the mere possibility has generated a bit of fiber-envy in Owen’s Twitter stream.

“If it is (Google Fiber)” tweets one follower, “I hate you.”

More info about Google’s fiber plans can be found here.

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