iphonetrace: Another way to track your missing iPhone

If you didn't enable Find My iPhone this service may, at the very least, let you say "goodbye"

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If you have an iDevice and you’ve enabled Apple’s Find My iPhone service, it may well do you little good as I recently discussed unless, that is, you have your own, shall we say, “recovery services.” But should you have some “muscle” and for whatever reason your iPhone 3, 4, 4S, or 5 isn’t reporting where it is, you could try locating it via iphonetrace.

To identify iPhones, the service uses the GSM Association’s International Mobile Equipment Identity Database (IMEI DB), “a global central database containing basic information on the serial number (IMEI) ranges of millions of mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones, laptop data cards, etc.) in use across the globe.”

screen shot 2015 09 20 at 2.11.45 pm claims:

We can retrieve a lot of useful information on your stolen or lost Iphone such as the simcard number that is being used to activate your iPhone/iPad, when it was activated and used, carrier name (service provider), what country it originally came from and what country it is currently in and much more. We will not, however, be involved in any resulting legal issues between you and the person who stole your iPhone, bought your stolen iPhone, or is currently using your lost iPhone. The information we provide should be taken to authorities who can help you catch the thief faster and more efficiently than if you didn’t have this information on hand.

The iPhone IMEI lookup shows (with example data):

  • ICCID: 8957101XXXXXXXXXX847
  • Last Restored: 2013-01-26
  • Network Unlocked: False
  • Activation Status: Yes
  • Activation Date: 2012-04-21
  • Activated Carrier: Vodafone - Spain ESP
  • Active Location Country: India
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Current Carrier: Spain Vodafone
  • Applied Policy Id: 299 - Spain Vodafone
  • Next Policy Id: 299 - Spain Vodafone
  • (PH) Telephone Technical Support: No phone support (Expired)
  • (HW) Repairs & Service Coverage: Limited Warranty (Active)
  • HWStarted On: 2012-04-20
  • HWEnding On: 2013-04-19
  • HWDays Left: 70 days. notes, "If your Iphone is Unlocked, Apple Database may not Show Country or Carrier" so what you'll get will be:

  • Unlock code :  IMEI: 013013XXXXXXXXXX
  • Serial Number: DNTKxxxxxxxx
  • Part Description: IPHONE 5 16GB BLACK
  • Product Version:
  • Coverage Status: Apple Limited Warranty
  • Coverage End Date: 29/05/14
  • First Unbrick Date:
  • Last Unbrick Date:
  • Next Tether Activation Policy Description: Retail Unlock.
  • Lock Status: Unlocked

The price for a one-off report on an IMEI is $9 and the company promises “If we fail to provide you with any information on your iPhone IMEI within 2-5 days or if your IMEI is not available in our database we will provide you with full refund.” iphonetrace also offers other plans that include searching fIMEI records for either three months ($29) or forever ($49). 

As I pointed out in my previous article on tracing missing iDevices, getting anything done about recovering the product may be impossible as the police and any other authorities such as telephone companies may not have adequate cause to go knocking on doors, may be too busy with more serious problems, or may simply not give a rat’s ass about your problems. doesn't improve on this but should you feel you need closure on the fate of your property or you can engage “friends” to help you with recovery, then the service may turn out to be very useful.

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