Rightscale extends its cloud manager to control bare metal

Cloud Management Platforms are evolving, but more work needs to be done

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RightScale, which has a SaaS-based tool for managing multiple different types of public clouds can now also control bare metal servers sitting on customers premises.

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RightsScale launched a beta of its Universal Cloud Appliance this week; a general availability version is likely early next year. It is significant for a couple of reasons.

More management!

This news represents the continued innovation of Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs), but there’s a lot more work to be done here. CMPs like RightScale do some basic tooling, allowing customers to provision virtual machines, monitor activity and create templates. The real bread and butter of a system like RightScale is that it can do this across multiple different public clouds – like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and others. Now it can do that with bare-metal servers too. That’s cool.

What we really need are ways to centrally many heterogeneous cloud environments and allow workload portability across disparate clouds. CMPs haven’t quite cracked that nut yet.

Bare metal in the spotlight

It is nice to see a major CMP extend its capabilities to manage bare metal. Why’s this important? Containers. Containers like to run on bare metal. So, if you have a bare metal management software, RightScale will help you control it and monitor your physical servers.

Gartner analyst Mindy Cancilla agrees that the market is hungry for more functionality from CMPs. These include: broader cross-platform support; deeper integration into cloud services (CMPs should manage services beyond just VMs and storage); and analytics and optimization.

RightScale’s UCA is a move in the right direction.

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