Evident.io promises to secure Amazon Web Services

Security is often held up as the barrier to broader public cloud adoption. Evident.io wants to solve this problem once and for all.

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Evident.io  is a vendor focused on delivering infrastructure security for Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Evident Security Platform (ESP) is a cloud-native solution that automates key cloud security processes and enables enforcement of policy requirements across the breadth of an organization's AWS cloud infrastructure. Evident.io is, therefore, focused on providing the security that the largest enterprises require, but within the context of the agility that the public cloud offers.

The company, alongside AWS' re:Invent conference this week, is announcing a new capability that it says will offer continuous real-time security scanning of organizations' AWS resources -- Evident.io scans all the different AWS services, across all user accounts and discrete regions. Evident.io does so without the need for agents within the AWS infrastructure.

As awareness of the complexity of securing web applications increases, alongside growing general adoption of the public cloud, solutions such as Evident.io that promise to provide a seemingly best-of-both-worlds solutions grow increasingly attractive.

ESP combines automated detection of vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations with guided remediation, audit capabilities, and compliance requirements. According to the company, it provides a continuous global view of security risk, with actionable intelligence that actually allows IT teams to take some action to remediate against AWS breaches.

The interesting thing about ESP is that it is being touted as a way to bridge traditional, on-premises security models with the different security needs of cloud infrastructure. The company suggests that ESP enables organizations to automate key parts of the shared security model, ensuring adherence to AWS Security best practices and compliance policies. Since organizations moving workloads and applications to the cloud often struggle with the transition from traditional on-premise deployments, this is a valuable value proposition should Evident.io really be able to deliver upon it.

Evident.io is promising to give organizations complete visibility into the security posture of their AWS resource pool within 10 minutes of activation. That's a pretty big promise but, if true, it means that the time to value that organizations see with Evident will be very short. That's a compelling proposition and it will be interesting to see what uptake Evident sees. ESP is now available and priced on an annual basis, with subscriptions starting at $199.00/month for one AWS account, with separate pricing available for multiple accounts.

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