1 More Reason To Be Wary of Sky High Drones (See Video)

Singapore skyline: A drone target?

Singapore skyline: Will drones snoop around skyscrapers?

Credit: iStockphoto

Even wireless LANs located many stories from the ground in skyscraper offices might not be safe from hackers -- if the hackers are armed with drones. So say researchers in Singapore, a country where skyscrapers are plentiful.

In this video, researchers from iTrust, a Center for Research in Cyber Security at the Singapore University of Technology And Design, show how attackers could infiltrate a wireless printer using a personal drone and an Android phone outfitted with a special app.

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In the demonstration, the app tricked office staff into thinking they had sent a print job to the printer, but instead the phone intercepted it and sent it to the attacker's Dropbox account in the cloud before allowing the original user's print job to complete. 

The researchers also demonstrated a robotic vacuum cleaner outfitted with the same sort of phone app breaking into a wireless printer.

Researchers designed a second app, dubbed Cybersecurity Patrol, to notify those using or administering a wireless printer that someone has compromised the printer and providing information on how to safeguard it.

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