Moto X Force takes the crushing experience out of dropping your phone

Motorola's Moto X Force one-ups its competitors' offers to replace a shattered smartphone by building one that won't shatter in the first place.

Motorola Moto X Force review Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Credit: Motorola

Motorola just reset the bar for the entire smartphone industry with a shatterproof Moto X Force smartphone. We'll try to get one to test, but for now look at this short video of Motorola President Rick Osterloh sacrificing a couple of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus units to prove that the new Moto X can be dropped on a hard surface without breaking.

Apple raised the bar with Apple Care. Apple told the world that they could drop and shatter an iPhone up to twice in two years and Apple would replace it "no questions asked," if they paid $129 for Apple Care and agreed to pay a $99 fee per incident. Everyone in the industry matched Apple with a similar plan. HTC topped them all by offering a replacement HTC One A9 during the first year as part of the consumer-friendly $400 purchase price.

Now, all the other smartphone makers will have to match Motorola by building a shatterproof smartphone.

Motorola announced a Droid yesterday with the same shatterproof features, but Droids are a little less exciting than Motorola's now-indestructible flagship Moto X. The Shattershield video explains the design and engineering that Motorola applied to both phones.

The transition from cellphones to smartphones has been a rude awakening for everyone. That Nokia cellphone that lived in a back pocket and sustained regular drops was replaced by a fragile device that relies on a piece of glass. Everyone has shared the pain because everyone has dropped and shattered at least one smartphone since the first iPhone was introduced eight years ago.

Shatterproof screens will become a consumer expectation, and consumers will have Motorola to thank. In the meantime, keep that fragile old phone safe.

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