Facebook plans to intrude into your smartphone's photo collection

New photo feature will examine the photos you haven't shared, identify your friends' faces, and urge you to share them on Facebook.

Facebook Photo Magic privacy

Facebook already has enough trouble with its reputation for intrusion into people's private lives, but it's not letting up. BuzzFeed reports that a new feature will examine your photos without asking and encourage you to share them.

People take photos with their smartphone and upload them to Facebook all the time. Now the company isn't waiting for users to get around to it. A feature called Photo Magic uses facial recognition technology to scan your smartphone's camera roll and find pictures you haven't uploaded yet. 

When it identifies a Facebook friend in a photo, the Facebook app will suggest you send it to them through its Messenger app. This is the same facial recognition technology behind Facebook's tag suggestions and an experimental app called Moments.

You do have the option of not using Photo Magic at all, and Facebook is working on giving people choices for when they will and won't be notified. For now, it's only testing Photo Magic in Australia, and only on Android. An iOS version is coming shortly.

One odd element is that Photo Magic will scan every time you take a picture on an Android phone, but will only do it periodically on the iPhone. I have to assume there is a logical and perhaps technological reason for this. Why else play favorites with the iPhone?

So, how do you feel about this? Do you want Facebook rummaging through your photos that you may have no intention of uploading?

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