Lynx: A great gadget for holding a tablet

Puts your tablet wherever you want it to be.

olyk desk 300dpi rgb 001 1024x678

Okay, this gadget isn’t that high-tech but it’s really cool. It’s a mount for your tablet that you can attach to pretty much any desk or pole or bracket. Made by octait’s called Lynx and unlike some similar devices I’ve tested, it's a solid, well-engineered product that's easy to use.

I’ve clipped one of these to my desk so when I sit down in the morning my iPad gets locked into it. When it’s time to leave my desk, the release button on the base behind the tablet makes it easy to remove. I’ve also used it at my workbench to place a tablet above the workspace without taking up room.

In short, a really useful, well-crafted gadget priced at $99.99 that gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5.

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