Is Apple going to build an iCar?

Apple has registered a domain that implies they might be building a car ... and maybe even an autonomous one. iCar, anyone?

google's autonomous car

Google's autonomous car.

Credit: Google

A note from the chaps who run the registry for the .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains, Cars Registry, caught my attention: 

The news just broke that Apple has registered Apple.Car and speculation has begun about what products they have planned around the new web address. What may be even more interesting, however, is that Google registered a number of .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains as well, such as GoogleSelfDriving.Car, GoogleX.Car, and Android.Auto - especially since the company has already begun developing their own cars.

The company notes that the .Cars, .Car, and .Auto domains will become available for the first time to the general public on January 12. Unless, of course, you're Google or Apple and have deep pockets.

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