Want to know how to get around Wi-Fi throttling? … What’s it worth to you?

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The specifics of the workaround are comically beyond my technical expertise, but more interesting anyway is the disagreement as to whether the effort involved even makes sense. From the section of Reddit devoted to networking comes this thread, “Getting around Wi-Fi throttling using OSPF and GRE.”

“So, you are at a hotel for a week of training. The website said the hotel has ‘free Wi-Fi.’ Yay.

“1Mbps up, 1Mbps down, free.

“5 Mbps up, 50Mbps down, $5/day. Boo.

“The solution: multiple routing tables and some GRE tunnels back to a gateway router at corporate.”

It’s not as simple as that single sentence may sound, especially if you’re not a networking professional, so if you want the details you can find them here.

But this is the bottom line from the guy who did it: “I just spent 3 hours building a solution to save me $5.”

Three hours?

“Or just expense the $5,” offers another Redditor.

Third: “But you should understand it's in our nature to want to defy these things, not for the speed, just because we can.”

Fourth: “There are some days when traveling for work that I'd rather be in the hotel bar than up in my room tinkering … The $15 or whatever is getting expensed, no question about it.”

I’d have no choice.

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