It's no wonder analytics startups are raking in venture dollars

It's no wonder analytics startups are raking in venture dollars
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As we documented this week in our latest Big Data & Analytics Companies to Watch slideshow, venture capital is pouring in to firms looking to help organizations better exploit all the data they're gathering and generating. What's becoming really interesting though is that these companies are starting to target specific areas -- from security to network management -- so that you can actually tell them apart now.

Consultancy Deloitte hammers home the increasingly diversified nature of analytics in its new Analytics Trends report in which it cites 6 areas to watch:

*Man-Machine Dichotomy Blurs: Don't fear smart machines and cognitive computing taking over your job, but do prepare to get in on this trend by being among the people who are building this technology or working with it. Deloitte says more than $1B has in venture funding has gone into this area over the past 2 years.

*Analytics Across the Enterprise: Whereas analytics initially popped up in certain pockets at enterprises, now the technology is being embraced across these "insight-driven" organizations. Deloitte points to Pittsburgh's UPMC health plan organization, which uses analytics for delivering care and processing payments.

*Cybersecurity: Increasingly, IT security vendors (i.e. DataVisor) are playing up the analytics that enable them to help organizations sniff out trouble before it strikes via predictive intelligence.

*Internet of Things: Kajillions of little IoT sensors means kajillions of data to be dealt with, so you better have good analytics in place. "It's difficult to think of an industry that can't be transformed or improved by the IoT," according to Deloitte.

*Jobs: Organizations are hungry to hire data scientists and business analysts, but where to find them? Companies like Cisco are investing heavily in training employees to become more data savvy.

*Science of analytics: Organizations would be wise to rip a page or two from the world of science to make the most of analytics. Deloitte references one organization that "leveraged tools used by DNA researchers as the keys to unlocking insights buried in tens of thousands of emails."

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