Windows 10 is catching on with enterprise IT

Despite the bugs and spying allegations surrounding Microsoft's Windows 10, enterprise IT is seeking out the new OS.

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The reaction to Windows 10 has been a bit mixed among consumers due to issues surrounding privacy, but IT doesn't seem too bothered by the complaints, as a recent survey suggests there will be significant enterprise uptake of Windows 10 in the coming year.

A survey of IT professionals from large organizations conducted by Adaptiva, which makes systems management products for Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager, found that 63% of respondents expect to run Windows 10 on a significant number of systems this year.

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The study sample is rather small, only 100 IT professionals, but still finds a lot of interest in Windows 10. For example, the survey found 40% have now deployed Windows 10 on 50% or more of their systems, which is a pretty fast rollout for a new operating system.

Adaptiva went on to say the scale movement to Windows 10 is fueling high demand for the new version of Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), software used to distribute and update operating systems and other software, which was updated in December to handle Windows 10 deployment even though the last full version was released in 2012.

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And enterprises want their ConfigMgr, with 65% of those moving to the new ConfigMgr released in December citing deployment, updating, and management of Windows 10 as the biggest motivator for upgrading. Another 57% said the time it will take to deploy the new version of ConfigMgr is the biggest barrier to adoption of Windows 10.

That's an impressive level of interest, because enterprise IT is usually slow to adopt new operating systems. It looks like they have finally shed the mindset of waiting until the first service pack, which usually comes a year after the release. Then again, it could be argued that Windows 10 has already had a service pack, with the Build 1511 release.

And there is overall satisfaction with Windows 10, despite the outrage over the excessive usage monitoring and complaints about bugs, the latter of which is to be expected in a new OS. An IDC survey found Windows 10's user satisfaction is quite high. Of those who said they have the new operating system, just over 60% picked "favorable" or "very favorable," while 1 in 10 said Windows 10 had left an "unfavorable" or "very unfavorable" impression.

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