Internet laughs at Tim Cook's low-quality Super Bowl photo

Tim Cook Super Bowl 50 photo

Apple CEO Tim Cook at an Apple event in San Francisco on Sept. 9, 2015

Credit: Apple webcast/IDGNS

Tim Cook was at the Super Bowl yesterday, but maybe he left his iPhone at home.


Tim Cook apparently had a nice little weekend, taking some time off from his CEO duties to attend Super Bowl 50 and witness the Denver Broncos pull off the upset victory over the Carolina Panthers.

After the game, Cook took to Twitter, where he posted a congratulatory tweet celebrating the Broncos' victory. And accompanying the tweet, somewhat oddly, was a blurry photo that arguably looks like it was taken accidentally. What makes the photo so bizarre is that Apple is always touting the camera quality of the iPhone, and yet, Cook posted a photo that looks like it could have come from a 2008-era flip phone.

And so, the Internet being what it is, we've since seen no shortage of folks have a little bit of fun at Cook's expense. Below are a few of the better jabs people have thrown in Cook's direction. 

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