Belizean law enforcement, FBI reportedly question John McAfee’s ex-girlfriend

Credit: REUTERS/Jorge Dan Lopez

While antivirus software pioneer John McAfee garners media attention here for his long-shot Libertarian presidential run, law enforcement authorities in Belize are reportedly continuing to investigate the 2012 murder of McAfee’s American neighbor. That probe prompted McAfee to flee Belize and eventually land back in the United States.

McAfee has unequivocally denied any participation in or knowledge of the murder and has maintained that he left Belize because he feared authorities there would imprison or kill him anyway.

From a report in The San Pedro Sun:  

Amy Herbert Emshwiller, has been detained for questioning in the investigation of the murder of Gregory Faull. Emshwiller was detained by the San Pedro Police on Northern Ambergris Caye on Wednesday, February 10th by request of Belize Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB). The CIB has been working along with the Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI), (sic) who are still investigating Faull’s murder, which occurred on November 11, 2012.

Emshwiller was escorted to Precinct Three in Belize City to be questioned by both CIB and FBI personnel. It is not yet known what her connection to the case is and police are not disclosing any further information on her detainment.

While the San Pedro Sun uses the word “detained,” there are no additional details as to whether Emshwiller was merely questioned or remains in custody.

Although Emshwiller was one of a number of women romantically and simultaneously linked to McAfee during his time living in Belize, she did not accompany him on his clandestine departure from that country or join him in the United States.

However, she was originally named – as Amy Herbert, and along with another McAfee girlfriend, Samantha Vanegas – in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Faull’s estate against McAfee, according to Reuters.  The disposition of that case is unknown, though a document at Law360 indicates the involvements of Herbert and Vanegas were “terminated.”

In addition to his presidential bid, McAfee is reportedly involved in a number of technology efforts, as well as book and movie projects.

A request for comment on the questioning of Emshwiller has been placed to McAfee’s campaign.

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