Not even Google can convince Americans to trust online voting

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Google this week has been awarded a patent for “a voting user interface” that some are speculating may eventually lead to the United States conducting presidential elections online.

Call me skeptical.

From a Computerworld story on our site:

The new technology easily could go beyond entertainment-oriented online campaigns, though. Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy, said the new online election technology would set up Google to handle both fun campaigns and serious political campaigns.

"I think it's set up for both," he told Computerworld. "Once we have more secure online identity, I think someday we will be able to vote online for president. To do this, we need hardened, multifactor authentication, but we'll get there."

First of all, there are powerful political forces in this country – let’s call them Republicans -- who are committed to making the act of voting as difficult as possible for those not inclined to support a particular brand of candidate – let’s call them Republicans.

Online voting would make voting super-duper easy for just about everyone, so Republicans will support online voting when the NRA supports a ban on handguns.

Political realities aside, there is also the matter general public trust, and, in general, the public is unlikely to trust the security of online voting in sufficient numbers to make it a reality in the foreseeable future.

You say they will when we have hardened, multifactor authentication?

I say we must live in different countries.

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