Apple backers take to streets


Rallies in some 50 cities express support for Apple in showdown with FBI

Backers of Apple’s position in its legal showdown with the FBI over the degree to which the company should enable access to encrypted iPhones staged rallies yesterday in more than 50 cities and in front of FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., according to a group called “Fight for the Future.” Here is a sample of pictures taken at those protests.

022416apple eye glasses1

Washington, D.C.

A young woman expresses her view through pink-colored glasses.

022416apple red sox hat2

Los Angeles

A fan of the Boston Red Sox lets his feelings be known outside of an Apple store.

022416apple homemade sign3

Los Angeles

Man outside of Apple stores uses homemade sign to get his point across.

022416apple megaphone

Portland, Or.

A woman uses a megaphone and homemade sign to amplify her message

022416apple thankyou apple

Los Angeles

An expression of gratitude toward Apple.

022416apple onlookers

San Francisco

The event here drew a number of reporters and onlookers.

022416apple outside fbi

Washington, D.C.

Speaker addresses fellow protesters near FBI building.

022416apple poetry protest

Palo Alto, Calif.

An attempt at protest poetry.

022416apple no conscription

Washington, D.C.

Making a point about who will be ordered to do the actual work.

022416apple dont break our phones

Los Angeles

The coordinated event was billed #Don’t Break Our Phones.


Widespread support

Map shows some but not all locations where yesterday’s protests occurred.