Windows 95 freaks out teenagers (See video)

It's a Dell, not Adele, says one kid looking at the Windows 95 machine

Windows 95 freaking out teenagers will amuse adults

The Fine Brothers are back with another fine YouTube video, this one subjecting teenagers to Windows 95 on a big old bulky Dell computer. Hilarity ensues...

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As the name implies, Windows 95 was introduced by Microsoft in 1995. It was succeeded by Windows 98 three years later, and Microsoft ended support for Win95 in 2001.  So yes, Windows 95 launched before these teens were born, and was pretty much killed off before any of them would have been regular computer users.

The Fine Brothers, who in the past have confronted kids and teens with everything from the Walkman to Donald Trump to David Bowie, this time put teens in front of an old Dell machine and let the cameras roll.

The first obstacle is turning on the machine itself, which one teen notes is a Dell, not Adele, the singer. Others poke around for the on button (and not just for the monitor), while one muses over the funky noises the machine makes while starting up.

When Windows 95 pops up on the screen it is met with reactions such as: "It's prehistoric." And "I've heard of a joke" and "the dreaded Internet Explorer." One teen notes notes that the Start Button is still around even in this day of Windows 10.

Even AOL makes a guest appearance to connect the teens to the Internet during the video.

One kid sums up the whole package: "It looks so dull and ancient."

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