Beware of buying bargain LEGOs online

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Police in Oregon are warning online shoppers that the pricey LEGO sets they’re seeing offered for a steal, may, in fact, be stolen. From a TV news report.

A 25-year-old man is accused of stealing expensive LEGO sets and other goods from Fred Meyer stores and reselling them on the website

Pavel Kuzik was arrested last week after he allegedly agreed to sell stolen LEGOs to undercover officers. … Police say community members should we cautious of brand-new items sold on third-party websites.

And police may as well have added, “especially LEGOs,” because if my household is any barometer it’s inconceivable that a legitimately purchased box of the plastic bricks could remain unopened for much longer than it takes to drive home from the mall. Anything is possible, but an unopened box of LEGOs being sold by anyone other than an authorized retailer is likely hotter than a Carolina Reaper.

Of course, most buyers of such “bargains” aren’t being told anything they don’t already know.

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