iPhone 7 leaks point to a slightly new design

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From a design perspective, the iPhone 6 and 6s might very well be the least attractive iPhone models Apple has ever released. Sure, the devices are incredibly thin and run some of the most advanced software on the planet, but the unseemly and thick antenna lines on the back of the device left a lot to be desired.

Of course, it's not as if Apple could just drape the entire back of the iPhone in metal because those wireless signals do need to travel to and fro. But if we take a look back at some of the earlier iPhone designs, such as the original iPhone or even the iPhone 5s, we see that it's certainly possible to design a slick device while accounting for the device's communication components.

Looking ahead, a number of iPhone 7 leaks suggest that the ugly plastic antenna lines that plagued the most recent iPhone models will finally be a thing of the past. In recent months, we've heard rumblings that the antenna lines will be far less conspicuous and now a number of case leaks seem to corroborate these reports.

First up, the French-language site NowhereElse.Fr (which has a decent track record with respect to rumors) published the following photo of the iPhone 7's rear casing over the weekend. As you can tell, there are no prominent antenna lines on the back side of the device. You might also notice that there's no headphone jack, seemingly bolstering an iPhone 7 rumor that has persisted for months on end.

iphone 7 leaked render shot

As for where the antenna lines have gone, the site relays that Apple on the iPhone 7 will move them towards the top and bottom edges of the rear chassis, allowing for a more elegant design. Specifically, instead of relying upon two distinct antenna lines, Apple may opt for a more a single line antenna design located on the device's edges as opposed to the back.

Now you might have noticed that the photo above doesn't seem to show a dual camera system, as has been rumored. Note, though, that Apple's most advanced camera technology may only grace the iPhone 7 Plus. In other words, if the photo above is of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, there wouldn't be a dual camera system to spot to begin with.

Speaking of which, the following leaked photo purporting to be an iPhone 7 Plus has been making the rounds as well. Note that in the photo below, the device does appear to show a dual camera system. Also note the lack of intrusive antenna lines. And if you look closely, you can see that the plastic antenna lines reside towards the top and bottom of the device.

iphone 7 plus
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