Y2K bug or targeted at time travelers?

031616blog we id sign

A longtime Buzzblog reader who has developed the commendable habit of sending me interesting stuff recently forwarded a picture, above, that he took of a “We ID” sign in Ithaca, N.Y.

If you already followed the red arrow that I applied to the photo, you have noticed the notable part:  On the day the picture was taken, anyone at all was apparently being offered alcoholic beverage service at Collegetown Bagels, unless they happened to be born after Feb. 24, 2095.

Underage drinking by time travelers is a well-known societal menace.

A Google image search not only reveals that these signs are a hot man-cave collector’s item, but that carrying a less-than-accurate “born on or before” date is not unusual for them. Example:

031616blog we id sign2

My Ithaca correspondent, being a veteran IT professional, suspected not time travelers but rather the Y2K bug of yore may be at play here. 

“Clearly from your Google image search the device can display the digits,” he writes. “But I didn’t see any for which the math was exactly 100 years off.  (As was the case with his example.)  Many of those just obviously have the wrong date set.  1904?  Some have what must have been the current date.

“I think what we have here is a tech prankster with a dry sense of humor.  It is funny.  Hmm… I wonder if 1895 would display?”

My email to Collegetown Bagels seeking an explanation elicited no reply.

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