iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: "confirmed" design; Terminator time; and storage boost

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus designs circulate, while a possible big boost in storage opens eyes among Apple watchers

Credit: Methodshop/Flickr

There’s sure to be much magic at Apple’s March 21 spectacular, but let’s not allow the possible introduction of a 5-inch iPhone 5se or mini iPad Pro to stop the speculation over what comes AFTER that with the iPhone 7 and its various iterations.


The French site Nowhereelse posted images [translated into English] “purportedly from factories Catcher Technology” that it says have “confirmed” the iPhone 7 design.

They show an Apple iOS smartphone with a bigger camera module that sits closer to the edge of the phone, but not necessarily a space that would house the much discussed dual-sensor camera.

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Those nasty and disgusting antenna bands on the iPhone that some get really worked up about will also supposedly disappear from the main chassis, though will remain at the very top and bottom edges. While the images don’t really confirm this, the author says that the source swears the iPhone 7 will be thinner than its predecessors.

If this all sounds kind of…underwhelming, many Apple watchers agree. Boy Genius Report, for instance, sums it up this way: “Our first look at the iPhone 7 couldn’t be less exciting (and why that’s OK)”. 

Here’s one reason that’s OK: MacRumors and others also pointed to Chinese sites that circulated possible first photos of the iPhone 7 Plus, and it indeed shows a big old space that could house a dual-lens camera. 


The Stuff website, picking up on Apple Insider’s report, suggests that a “Liquid metal home button could give the iPhone 7 a touch of the Terminator.”

Liquid metal, if you somehow don’t know, is an all-powerful alloy that in this case could be used to bring Force Touch to the home button of new iPhones. So not only would the screen be pressure sensitive, but so would the home button, if patented Apple technology comes to life. Apple is sure to come up with something a tad catchier than the “bulk amorphous alloy pressure sensor” it references in its patent though…


Well, not quite, but rumors are that Apple could be exceeding past on-board storage limitations of 128GB and double that with new SanDisk technology. Cult of Mac reports that there’s actually no evidence that the new SanDisk 256GB flash storage chip is headed to Apple’s next iPhones, but notes that Apple has used the company’s memory chips in its iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus.

For those who rail against the 16GB models of the iPhone that are seemingly useless, an upgrade to 256GB might budge Apple to make the 32GB its starting point going forward. And stunningly, a 256GB iPhone 7 would have more storage than an entry-level MacBook Air, as The Week points out.

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