Why your business can't afford toxic employees

You simply can't tolerate the toll toxic employees take on your workplace. The problem is that the same qualities that make aggressive, nasty bullies can also make them good at their job.

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Everyone's known a "toxic" colleague. Maybe someone who's bullied them, undercut their achievements, or committed fraud or theft. Worse still is when that person seems to get away with it -- maybe they're also smart, motivated, highly productive -- but at what is it costing your business? According to Harvard Business School's visiting assistant professor Dylan Minor and Cornerstone's Michael Housman, the cost to your organization's overall well-being is too high to tolerate a toxic worker.

While there's been a lot of focus on how organizations can find and develop "rock stars" and their overall impact on performance and productivity, much less has been said about how to deal with toxic workers.

Minor and Housman's working paper and their guest post on Google's re: Work blog break down the findings of their research into 60,000 workers across 11 firms in various industries, including communications, consumer services, financial services, healthcare, insurance and retail.

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