iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: Here come the airpods and 4K display; beyond the Phablet; iPhone 5SE mocking

Designers ramp up iPhone 7 design concepts

iPhone 7 Rumor Rollup: Here come the airpods; iPhone 5SE mocking
Methodshop.com (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Fresh off the underwhelming, as expected, introduction of a new small iPhone 5SE and more compact iPad Pro tablet, the pressure is on Apple to come up big in the fall with its iPhone 7. Re/Code’s Walter Mossberg, for example, penned a piece this past week titled “The iPhone 7 had better be spectacular.”

And since nothing is more real when it comes to iPhone 7 rumors than a good solid concept video, let’s start off with that.

Goodbye Home Button, Hello Airpods 

Designer Miroslav Majdak has posted a video to YouTube that bundles the latest iPhone 7 rumors into a sexy video featuring obligatory twirling iOS-based smartphones and a glimpse at what wireless Airpod earbuds with touch sensors might look like. He gets into way more detail on this page about his iPhone 7 vision, including a Touch ID home button.

Majdak’s effort is the latest in a long and growing line of iPhone 7 design concepts that have surfaced this year.

Another new video, er, trailer, as in Blockbuster Movie Trailer, zeroes in on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro. It features a color- and image-changing home button, 4K display, 12mp front camera and 20mp rear camera, plus an Octo-core CPU. We have Glaxon Paul and Ran Avni to thank for this visual beauty, backed by tingly music from Aswin Sathya.

An Exotic iPhone Phablet

The latest from all-knowing KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is that Apple is readying a 5.8-inch curved screen iPhone for 2017 that boasts a super energy-efficient AMOLED display.

Such a glass-encased phone would be bigger than both the 6S and 6S Plus, both of which have 5.5-inch screens.

Apple Insider, which got ahold of a KGI report on the Apple plans, summed things up like this: "The special model, thought to serve as a keystone in 2017's iPhone lineup, is expected to keep Apple in the running with competitors who use similarly exotic materials in their flagship smartphones. By launching next year, Apple will have fresh product on offer during the usual 'S' cycle refresh window, which normally brings internal buffs but little to no aesthetic change."

Hey, if that's what passes for exotic these days, then get fired up...

No really, the iPhone 5SE isn’t new

Jimmy Kimmel live takes to the streets to mock people who think the old iPhone 5 is the new 5SE iPhone announced at Monday’s underwhelming spring warmup for the anticipated fall iPhone 7 announcement. The show gave people two iPhone 5s to compare, and hilarity ensues.

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