Most Powerful (Whatever) From A to Z

Google Chrome Autocomplete
At least according to Google Chrome Autocomplete

Having long found Google Chrome’s Autocomplete feature useful, the thought was to have a little fun by combining its predictive capabilities with journalism’s “Most Powerful (Whatever)” list format by typing into the search box “Most powerful a” … “Most powerful b” … and on through the alphabet to “Most powerful z.” The results, primarily a byproduct of the public’s frequency of searching on those terms, are a mixture of what you might expect and some real head-scratchers. (Note: The slide images were created by one of our designers using a newly downloaded version of Chrome, so your mileage may vary.)

a google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
A is for air rifle

Right off the bat we see a trend that will permeate this exercise: the prevalence of weaponry, both military and civilian, deadly and “hey, you’re going to put someone’s eye out."

b google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
B is for bomb

Bombs, bb-guns and bows: The binoculars will be handy since we’ll need to keep a safe distance.

c google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
C is for computer

Our latest report on the world’s most powerful supercomputers can be found here.

d google most powerful
Credit: DC
D is for DC character

And look, the first result pulls up “12 Most Powerful DC Universe Superheroes.” Discuss.

e google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
E is for engine

But note that “explosive” is also among the recommendations. Three’s a trend, all right.

f google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
F is for flashlight

Sure everyone needs a good flashlight. But lots of people actually search the Internet for “most powerful force users.”

g google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
G is for graphics card

No surprise that gaming laptop and gaming PC are also in the mix. So, too, gun.

h google most powerful
Credit: Pixabay
H is for handheld laser

Guess this explains all the news stories about knuckleheads aiming these things at aircraft. … And what would H be without handgun.

i google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
I is for Intel processor?

I don’t get “Intel processor” anywhere among the suggestions with my Chrome. Yet my colleague with the new download got it No. 1. Curious. … And no weapons!

j google most powerful
Credit: Flickr/ Douglas Muth/ Jonathan Powell/Wikimedia
J is for Jedi

Of course it is. And I had to look up jutsu because I am not a ninja.

k google most powerful
Credit: Wikipedia
K is for kick

Most powerful kick: This is apparently a matter of some debate in the martial arts world. I’m not getting involved.

l google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
L is for laptop

Laptop, sure. And then here we go again with those laser pointers … twice.

m google most powerful
Credit: Marvel
M is for Marvel characters

Comic fans apparently like ranking characters and conduct a lot of searches.

n google most powerful
Credit: Hasbro
N is for nerf gun

You have to believe that anyone searching on “Most powerful nerf gun” is not shopping for a child’s gift. This might be my favorite result of the entire exercise.

o google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
O is for opiate

A major public health crisis, check. But recommendation No. 5 is certainly interesting: A lot of folks are still looking for that powerful outdoor TV antenna.

p google most powerful
P is for Pokemon

The Pokemon franchise is marking its 20th anniversary this year. … And “pellet gun” at No. 5 shows there’s no end to our society’s search for the most powerful projectiles.

q google most powerful
Q is for quotes

Not quotes about guns, mind you, but quotes in general. Until you get further down the list and find quotes about love. Aww.

r google most powerful
Credit: Pixabay
R is for router

The masses are looking for wireless routers, of course, but we can at least imagine that they’re looking for data center equipment. And rifle continues the parade of weaponry.

s google most powerful
Credit: Pexels
S is for smartphone

That’s two in a row for technology. But I’m stunned there’s no stun gun.

t google most powerful
Credit: Pexels
T is for tablet

Make that three in a row. And I learned some things on this one: A tactical flashlight is a firearm accessory. And if you call a Taser a stun gun you will be admonished by someone who didn’t have to Google tactical flashlight.

u google most powerful
Credit: Wikipedia
U is for ultrabook

People really search for “most powerful ultrabook?” OK, that’s four straight. And not a weapon in the bunch.

v google most powerful
V is for vacuum

We will continue to search for “most powerful vacuum” until we finally get our robot house-cleaners.

w google most powerful
Credit: Wikipedia
W is for women

Except when it’s for “most powerful weapon in Fallout 4” and just plain “weapon.” Or Wi-Fi.

x google most powerful
Credit: Wikimedia
X is for X-Men

Presumably because there isn’t a popular weapon whose name begins with the letter X.

y google most powerful
Y is for yugioh card

That’s really Yu-Gi-Oh card, but those who play the Japanese trading card game – yes, I had to Google that, too -- apparently feel comfortable leaving out the hyphens.

z google most powerful
Z is for Zodiac sign

Really people? What is the “most powerful Zodiac sign?” Let’s say we ask the candidates for president. Elevate the level of their debate.