Fridge that automatically refills your water pitcher is either the best or worst thing ever

GE introduces refrigerator that guarantees you'll always have cold water

GE autofill refrigerator water pitcher
Credit: GE

I’ve become that dad - you know, the one who goes around the house turning off the lights because his kids haven’t learned how to flip a light switch, or the one who opens the cupboard to discover an empty bag of Oreos (See it on Amazon).

So instead of disdain, I want to congratulate and applaud GE for inventing a refrigerator that has an automatic refill water pitcher function. The press release says it best:

“Reaching in the refrigerator only to find that you’ve forgotten to refill the water pitcher is a nuisance of the past, with the introduction of GE’s Autofill Pitcher technology, available for select GE refrigerators.”

Now, the cynical side of me would start ranting, “What? People are so lazy that they can’t figure out how to refill their water pitchers? This is about as stupid as the Internet-connected refrigerator that send alerts when you’re out of Parmesan cheese!" (See it on Amazon)

But not now. Nope, I’m that dad. Thank goodness I don’t have to yell at my kids to “Refill the #$%$%@ water pitcher if it’s low or empty!!!” anymore. Sign me up.

ge autofill fridge GE

The technology uses magnets - magnets! - to determine whether the pitcher needs more water or not. The first magnet switch “indicates when the pitcher is in its designated space for refilling; a second, floating switch indicates when the pitcher has reached capacity, stopping water flow.”

Oh, how lucky we are to be alive right now!

But wait, there’s more! GE has solid research to back up the need for such a device. “Almost six in 10 adults own at least one water filtration product, with pitchers being the most popular.” In addition, “36% of owners think that water filtration products are too time-consuming to fill up.” (Source: Mintel Reports - U.S. Water Filtration - November 2015)

Seriously, 36% of adults think that it takes too long to go to the water faucet, pour water into the pitcher, stop the water faucet, walk over to the refrigerator, open the door, and place the pitcher inside.” I gotta be honest, writing that last sentence was time-consuming.

Based on the behavior of my kids, that 36% number is only going to grow.

Flash-forward to 2036: My kids will be telling their kids, "Criminy, you kids have it easy now with your automatic water pitcher refillers - back when I was a kid, I had to go to the sink and refill that water pitcher myself! Jimmy, turn off that VR when I'm talking to you!"

Oh, wait, never mind, that was cynical me. I love this idea!

The new refrigerators will be available later this month, with a retail price ranging from $899 to $999 (you also have to have a water line available, which I don’t have, so dang it, my kids will just have to learn the hard way, by using the "old-fashioned water pitcher" (See it on Amazon).

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