Flagship HTC 10 to debut on Verizon Wireless

When HTC announced its newest flagship Verizon wasn’t supported.


The HTC 10 announcement left the impression that HTC built another desirable unlocked phone like the HTC One A9 that Verizon Wireless customers were locked out of buying. But today, without a formal announcement the HTC 10 appeared on Verizon’s website. The Verizon version of the HTC 10 isn’t available on HTC’s website.

Preorders begin on April 29 2016. There was no mention of price and availability. It should be priced at $699 unless HTC diverges from its usual policy of pricing the same models at the same prices; though promotions can be different between carriers for the same models. Looking at the hardware, the same model that supports AT&T and T-Mobile also has the frequency bands for Verizon, indicating that the early May availability could be the same for all three models.

Two important questions are unanswered at the time of this story. Will the Verizon model be unlocked like that shipping for AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks allowing consumers to move from network to network? Technical users and enthusiasts will want to know: will the bootloader be unlocked?

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