Raspberry Pi beret: An ode to Prince

If only Raspberry Pi Foundation and Prince had joined forces...

Raspberry Pi beret: An ode to Prince
Credit: Hackaday

Confirming that there really are no original ideas left, I had the thought that the Raspberry Pi Foundation might want to come out with Raspberry Pi berets to honor the musician Prince (and his song "Raspberry Beret") in the wake of his recent death. But sure enough, a Google search reveals that someone already came up with this idea a year ago.

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Albeit, the idea was actually a 2015 April Fool's joke on the website Hackaday. "Now, the partnership we’ve all been waiting for: the Raspberry Pi Foundation and [The Artist Formerly Known As... Prince_logo] are teaming up to produce a line of Pi-based wearable electronics. The first product from this new, fashionable line of electronics is beyond anything you would expect. It’s called the Raspberry Beret, and it’s shaping up to be a Revolution in wearables."

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